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OUR Vision

It is our vision to inspire all women of color including, young girls, teens, and young adults with the hope of assisting and encouraging them to become better public speakers, embracing their diversity, understanding their self-worth, and gain poise. We believe it is important for these young girls to learn and understand that beauty resides within them. One of our goals is to empower these girls so that they will be freed from social struggles due to their differences and, subsequently, reduce their anxiety and insecurities and encourage them to become productive citizen and future leaders, preparing them for success in their future endeavors.  




Miss Juneteenth MN State Pageant is a 501(C)3 non-profit organization. Our primary focus and objective are to create a platform that will provide and expose our young black girls, teens and adults to educational, networking, and career opportunities. In addition, they will also have opportunities to receive scholarships, awards, gifts, and other prizes, along with participation in several workshops, that will provide tools to enhance self-esteem, confidence, and to overcome obstacles. One of the purposes of Miss Juneteenth Minnesota Pageant is to help females of color rediscover their history and heritage by educating them about the birth of and purpose of Juneteenth.

We want to safely open doors for our younger generation for their gifts and talents to be exposed in a pageant setting.

Angel T. Jones


Meet The Team


Dwane Martin

Juneteenth History Consulant


Gwen Riser-Blackman

Pageant Coordinator


Nicole Vanburen

Pageant Coordinator

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William Pierce

Pageant Advisor


June Pierce

Pageant Advisor


DaMark Jones

Pageant Consulant & Security

Cindy Devonish_edited_edited.jpg

Cindy Devonish

Juneteenth Community Outreach Leader

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